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Manufacturers and coving suppliers specialising in premium plaster coving cornice, ceiling roses and more! We supply handmade period ceiling coving made with the finest quality decorative British gypsum plaster by Décor Mouldings Co in London UK.

Available to order Victorian coving. Edawrdian coving, Georgian coving, Art deco coving and decorative coving styles.

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Coving Categories

View the classic Victorian cornice styles in UK known as Victorian coving and plaster cornicing.

View the classic Edwardian cornice styles in UK known as Edwardian coving and plaster cornicing.

View the classic Georgian cornice styles in UK known as Georgian coving and plaster cornicing.

Georgian coving cornice

Decor Plaster Mouldings UK

Refurbishing your dining room? Looking to re-decorate your Living room? Or just in search of the period decorative coving styles? Shop for plaster coving, cornice and ceiling roses along with stylish plaster mouldings for your living room, dinning, bedroom, kitchen and office at Décor mouldings Co today. With beautiful coving through to luxury plaster cornice styles. Browse our stunning decorative plaster coving collections for that welcome home feel. Coming in period Victorian and Edwardian era, our plaster coving glamorous Georgian and art deco cornice styles, eye catching ceiling roses for light fixtures ranges are a sure way to decorate up your home. Don't forget to browse our wonderful dados and picture rails collections for popular cove profiles of Victorian era. For the well elegant home, transform your ceiling with our exciting period plaster cornicing and plaster mouldings collections today at Decor Mouldings London UK.

Victorian coving Victorian cornice

At Décor Mouldings the most popular ceiling plaster coving we sale is the authentic designs of Victorian cornice styles well known in UK as Victorian coving


Victorian coving refers collectively to several period plaster coving profiles, and was succeeded by the Edwardian era during the middle and late 19th century. The period 1837 to 1901 of Queen Victoria, represents the British and French architectural cornice styles for a reigning monarch.

Edwardian coving cornice

Please view our authentic Edwardian coving cornice range. Decorative coving styles made from the original Edwardian era. VIEW EDWARDIAN COVING >>


Step coving 1934

Plaster step coving ceiling 160mm x 85mm down wall.

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Victorian coving

Plaster Victorian coving

#1404 projection 185mm

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Edwardian coving

Plaster Edwardian coving

#3050 projection 245mm

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